Skin Care Bundle

Skin Care Bundle

Every Goddess needs a good skin care routine but your skin care routine is only as good as the products you're using.  My four part skin care bundle includes products made with high quality, natural ingredients that your skin will love and benefit tremendously from.  The skin care bundle includes my best selling Tumeric & Tea Tree Face Soap which cleanses and treats break outs and uneven skin, my Rose Water Toner that minimizes pores and hydrates, my Lux Face Serum that adds moisture, combats aging & boost collagen production, and lastly my Hibisbus and Rose Clay Face Mask that detoxifies the skin and adds antioxidants like vitamin c.

How to Use:

Wash face with Tumeric & Tea Tree Soap

Spray face and neck with Rose Water Toner and let dry

Apply 4-6 drops of the Lux Face Serum and massage gently into face and under eyes

Apply Hibiscus & Rose Clay Face Mask once a week to detoxify skin