Spiritual Bath Tea

Spiritual Bath Tea

Aromatherapy Spiritual Bath Tea is a great way to take your spiritual practices to the next level.  Whenever you need to cleanse your aura, attract a positive outcome, or  focus your energy a spiritual bath can be tremendously beneficial.  Spiritual baths have been used in many cultures to cleanse the soul, clear the mind, and ultimately heal the chakras with an intention to heal the spirit. The idea of a spiritual bath is said to help clear any blockage and aid in manifestation. Scented with a blend of organic essential oils.  All bath teas are cleansed with sage prior to shipping and are energetically charged by the full/new moon.

How to Use: Make sure that the tub you are using is clean and relaxing. Make the bathroom your sacred space for this time. You can shower first to cleanse. 

Keep herbs, botanicals, and salts in the bag for easy clean up and place bag directly into bath water or pour contents of bag directly into warm bath water. Light a candle, get your crystals and incense, set your intentions, meditate and enjoy!  


Ingredients: Epsom salt, pink himalayan salt, sea salt, herbs, botanicals, lavender and chamomille essential oils.